Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer Reading/Book-in-the-Bag Check Out Center

     I've been doing a lot of reading so far this summer break!  First, I wanted to read something that had nothing to do with creating products for TPT.  I started with The Selection Series by Kiera Cass.  These books were wonderful.  The audience is intended for young teen, but I enjoyed them all the same.  I am currently reading the next book, The Heir.

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Next, I had to think about my own children.  I wanted to read whatever they were reading so I could ask comprehension questions along the way.  I was impressed with my 9 year old's choice of I Survived, The Nazi Invasion, 1944 by Lauren Tarshis.  I love these historical fiction books that expose our children to events of the past.  I got a little carried away and decided to tell him all about Anne Frank.  I even showed him the Annex virtual tour.  Well, that scared him to death.  I think it was the spooky music they played while visiting the virtual tour!  

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 So, now I am off to reading some more of the My Weirder School and My Weirdest School series books. These are the books that made my child a reader, so I have to be very thankful for the author who wrote them.  As silly as I think they are, I am going to help promote these books by creating materials to use in the classroom.  I only have a class set of Mrs. Lane is a Pain.  Therefore, I decided to create a Book-in-the-Bag Check Out Center.  

     In this center, I will store the brochures I create with the book in a gallon size bag.  The students can check out a bag to take home.  As they read the book for their nightly reading, they will complete the brochures.  Then, I can check for comprehension when the brochures are returned.   So, far I have created brochures and final assessments on the following.  
Brochures Here!

Brochures Here!

Brochures Here!

You will have to check out my store from time to time because as my children read books, I am creating brochures for those, as well.  In other words, I should have several I Survived brochures by the end of summer!!!  
Have a wonderful break, and Happy Reading!

Monday, May 4, 2015

End of the Year Gift Tags with Gift Ideas

Do you need some end of the year gift ideas? Use these gift tags with the suggested gifts to surprise your class.  Several different options and ideas for making the end of the year special!
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Are you looking for a memory activity to complete with your class?  Use this End of the Year Lapbook for the last week of school!  

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One of my favorite activities to do with my class is the Teacher/Student Switch day.  The students prepare a lesson to teach the class.  They LOVE it!!! 

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I made a journal for my third graders to stay in shape for their 4th grade year.  It includes over 60 days worth of Math and ELA practice. 

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I hope you have an amazing remainder of the year!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Freebie Mapping Their Locations 3rd Grade Historical Figures- Bestie Linky Party

The FREEBIE OF THE WEEK has been posted!  Do you need a way to review the 3rd grade historical figures’ locations?  Try this Interactive Activity for mapping their locations!
Mapping Their Locations Interactive Activity Click Here!

Visit my store for other great activities, lapbooks, and brochures on all of these historical figures!  Just click the label to the right that says Historical Figures or Lapbooks.

My bestie and I are having a link up party where we are giving away a Target gift card to one lucky winner.  Click below the picture to join the fun!  We are planning some really neat give aways for upcoming events!  Be ready!!
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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Fitbit Craziness! Take Time to Exercise

This week has been crazy!!!  First of all, testing took place.  Talk about boring!!  As monitors, we have to walk around the room for hours! Well, that fell right into place with my Fitbit challenge I was presented with this week.  Yes, a Fitbit challenge with several of my friends at school. 

So the challenge took place from Monday at 12:00 A.M. until Friday at midnight.  I have not really exercised since Hilton Head, so I decided, “What the heck?!”

First, I had to buy a new battery for my Zip.  I have had my Fitbit for so long, that the battery had died.  Sunday was the first day with my Fitbit back on to measure my steps.  Well, let’s just say, I should have left it off.  That’s the day we went to Topgolf, and I barely got up!  Therefore, the challenge that was beginning that night was not looking good for me.  However, Monday morning, the first day of the challenge, I woke up ready to conquer!!!

HERE’S WHERE FITBIT CRAZINESS BEGINS!!!!  Walking at school was not a challenge because I do that anyway.  The challenge began when I got home.  However, I basically walked from the time I got home until we left for the golf course.  Then, I walked 9 holes of golf!  When I left the golf course, I had over 24,000 steps in for the day.  I had never walked more than 15,000!!!  It didn’t stop there!  When I got home, I kept walking.  I walked until I collapsed in bed.  Needless to say, after day one, I was ahead of the group.

Day 2 was very similar, and I remained in the lead after Tuesday.  Wednesday FITBIT CRAZY NUMBER 1 entered my life.  FITBIT CRAZY NUMBER 1 told me she usually walked about 25,000 steps a day.  Well the race was on, and she was ready to compete.  Since she said she only walked 25,000 steps a day, I decided to watch Nashville sitting down, rather than walking.  BIG MISTAKE!  This was the day, FITBIT CRAZY NUMBER 1 decided to pull ahead.  On my lowest step day of the week, 24,000, FITBIT CRAZY NUMBER 1 walked 36,000 steps.  Yep, by Thursday night she had pulled ahead 20,000 steps!!!

Meanwhile, at school, all the students were sending me messages from FITBIT CRAZY NUMBER 1 to tell me not to walk at recess, to just relax!  My children at home were telling me FITBIT CRAZY NUMBER 1 told them to tell me to go to bed by 9:00 P.M.  My husband wanted to call her and tell her the competition was over!  Her husband wanted to call ME and tell me to settle down!  The truth was, we were killing ourselves just for bragging rights!!!!  BUT WE WERE HAVING A BLAST!  We would text each other at night and say, “Go to bed!”  We had more laughs than I have had in a long time.

Back to the story, it was Thursday night and I was wondering how in the world I was going to catch this woman.  My husband took me to the Horse Park, and we walked!  We found an awesome cemetery.  The kids became tired after awhile, so they went to sit in the truck.  I walked around the parking lot until I felt I had done enough for the day.  I decided to go to bed early (10:00), to wake up refreshed Friday morning.

FITBIT CRAZY NUMBER 1 has a running club on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays where the students run around the track for 30 minutes.  I had a grand idea!   I would be on the track before FITBIT CRAZY NUMBER 1 could get out there!  AND I WAS, AND SHE WAS SURPRISED!  I walked/ran over 2 laps before the running club could even begin.  Oh, and FITBIT CRAZY NUMBER 1’S battery had died, so she had lost some steps charging the battery! Boo Hoo, right?!!  We joked the whole time we were running, and the day was off to an amazing start!  When I went inside to start teaching, I was already at 7,000 + steps! 

It’s testing time, so I needed to review the mountains and rivers with the students.  We studied them in quarter one, so they definitely needed a refresher!  My goal was to walk ALL DAY LONG, so we went to the black top outside and we practiced our rivers and mountains on the black top map!  Not only did I get my steps in, my students had a BLAST!!!

The remainder of the school day was spent walking!  We read two chapters of Because of Winn Dixie.  I let each student read, while I followed along, WALKING, OF COURSE!!
Then, we had recess where I walked on the track with two other FITBIT CRAZIES who weren’t near as crazy as FITBIT CRAZY NUMBER 1! All in all, I did an amazing job walking.  When, I left school I had over 22,000 steps!  With only 9 hours to go, I knew I had to continue walking.  I came home and walked/ran at my house.  I did this until it was time to go to my son’s soccer game, where I walked the entire time!!!  I actually could see the game better because I followed the ball wherever it went!  After the game, my family went to eat with our friends.  I started to feel sleepy, so after dinner, I took a quick shower.  Then, I put on my walking shoes!!!!  I walked until 11:57 A.M. last night!  The challenge ended at 12:00 A.M.  At one point, I even went to the pantry to grab the Cheese Puffs.  I ate them and WALKED!!!

At 11:57 I did the sync, and of course, I was well in the lead.  FITBIT CRAZY NUMBER 1 usually didn’t complete her sync until morning, so it was off to bed.  My husband looked at me when I went to bed and asked if I was done.  I said, “The time is up, and I have done all I can do!”
So, that’s where it ended.  I received a badge for walking 55,000 steps in ONE DAY, and my grand total for the five days was 160,797 steps, completely insane! 

This morning, FITBIT CRAZY NUMBER 1 completed her sync, and she won…. She ended with 168,568, even more insane.  She sent me a text first thing, and said, “55,000 steps!, holy cow!”  I told her thank you for the motivation, and now we are going to start running after school!

I learned three valuable lessons this week….
#1 Don’t forget to exercise even when life is busy.  I felt so good this week, minus the aches and pains!!!
#2 Have fun with your school friends.  The students feed off of it, and love it.  

FITBIT CRAZY NUMBER 1 earned two badges this week in the hustle!  I would say this was beneficial for us both.  I had an amazing time and a lot of laughs.  I failed to mention the other ladies because this one was my competition this particular week, but I had a ton of fun with them, too!  Everyone did an amazing job!!!  Remember this was only for five days!  I guess I am FITBIT CRAZY #2 and proud of it!!

Have a blessed week, and have a FITBIT challenge!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Earth Day Writing

I am going to start posting the FREEBIE of the WEEK under a separate label...

The FREEBIE of the WEEK is an Earth Day informational writing post.  It includes a graphic organizer and writing paper both in black and white or in color.

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Check out these other Earth Day Activities I have in my store!
Earth Day Challenge GAME

AND brand new in my store....

Interactive Lapbook!

I hope you enjoy the FREEBIE of the WEEK!  Have a good one!

Take a Break

      I did not post last Sunday because I did exactly what the teacher tip of the week says.  I took a break! My boys and I went to Hilton Head Island for the week of our Spring Break.  We met my sister and my mom there.  We had an amazing time.  

   The teacher tip of the week is TAKE A BREAK!  As much as we spend preparing materials, researching ideas, and thinking about our classrooms and students, we need a break.  I had a professor in college tell our class that we needed to find a hobby that separates us from teaching.  I did just that this week.  I went to Hilton Head and did not take my computer for the first time in awhile.  I read a Danielle Steele book, Forever Friends, which I highly recommend.  Most importantly, I enjoyed my family, and I am thankful I did!  I feel completely refreshed and ready to end this year with a bang! Here are a few pictures from our vacation.
At the Square
My Mom and I (Floppy hats are awesome!)

Being Silly!
Our pet alligator at the condo!
Bury Me!

There's always time for miniature golf!!!
I hope you enjoyed your time off, if you had some!  We sure did, and I am thankful for the time I spent with my family with no computer!!! Remember, take a break!

Oh, one last thought! I found this while I was at the beach and I absolutely LOVE it!!!