Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Summer Reading/Book-in-the-Bag Check Out Center

     I've been doing a lot of reading so far this summer break!  First, I wanted to read something that had nothing to do with creating products for TPT.  I started with The Selection Series by Kiera Cass.  These books were wonderful.  The audience is intended for young teen, but I enjoyed them all the same.  I am currently reading the next book, The Heir.

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Next, I had to think about my own children.  I wanted to read whatever they were reading so I could ask comprehension questions along the way.  I was impressed with my 9 year old's choice of I Survived, The Nazi Invasion, 1944 by Lauren Tarshis.  I love these historical fiction books that expose our children to events of the past.  I got a little carried away and decided to tell him all about Anne Frank.  I even showed him the Annex virtual tour.  Well, that scared him to death.  I think it was the spooky music they played while visiting the virtual tour!  

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 So, now I am off to reading some more of the My Weirder School and My Weirdest School series books. These are the books that made my child a reader, so I have to be very thankful for the author who wrote them.  As silly as I think they are, I am going to help promote these books by creating materials to use in the classroom.  I only have a class set of Mrs. Lane is a Pain.  Therefore, I decided to create a Book-in-the-Bag Check Out Center.  

     In this center, I will store the brochures I create with the book in a gallon size bag.  The students can check out a bag to take home.  As they read the book for their nightly reading, they will complete the brochures.  Then, I can check for comprehension when the brochures are returned.   So, far I have created brochures and final assessments on the following.  
Brochures Here!

Brochures Here!

Brochures Here!

You will have to check out my store from time to time because as my children read books, I am creating brochures for those, as well.  In other words, I should have several I Survived brochures by the end of summer!!!  
Have a wonderful break, and Happy Reading!


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